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  Novak Standard 35
  Novak Super Magique 35
  Novak '1933'
  Philips 630A
  Philips 796A
  Philips 802A
  SBR 533A
  SBR 636A
  SBR 373A
  SBR 637A
  Siera S45A
  Siera S46A
  Siera S4A
  Siera S7A
other brands
  NRW 5
  Radio '?'
  Scarabee 462
Vintage Radios

Welcome to my virtual Radio Museum.

Although it wasn´t my first aquisition, the Philips art-deco model '796' was the radio that finally made me decide to start my own vintage radio collection. Since then, the collection has grown to include other nice models.
In the following pages, you can find a selection of the most interesting models.

Any extra information visitors can provide about the models (brand, type, year,...) is always very welcome !

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